You want a new PC but you aren't really sure of what to do. Should you assemble your own PC or should you buy one readymade from a reputable brand? Is there any difference? If yes, what is it and how much will it cost? These are legitimate question and it's time to put on your enamel cufflinks and think deeply about this decision. To help you out, we've listed the pros and cons of each option and you can decide for yourself.

Building your own PC

Putting together your own PC is remarkably easy and it is cost effective as well. All computer systems sold on the market are a sum of their parts and that means if you use the best parts during making your PC you actually have a much better model. The PC is custom built to your requirements and you can choose components according to budget, computer use or just for performance and build your PC accordingly. As you are building your own PC, you are assured of quality and consistency. In fact, as you know the spare parts that are used, you can easily assemble two or three different PCs that are inherently the same in processing power and speed. Along with these advantages come a whole set of problems as well. the biggest problem with building your PC is that you do not have customer support or technical support when your comp breaks down. Furthermore, you have to deal with cost. Large manufacturers order in bulk and for that reason, they can afford to buy in bulk and sell at low rates. When you are buying a single piece of everything for personal use, it makes sense that you will have to pay more.

Buying a readymade PC

Ready PCs are a huge advantage as they are built according to company specifications in a large climate-controlled factory and the PC is quality controlled and checked at every stage. The cost is affordable and you can get technical support at any time during the day or night. Furthermore, most computer companies will also ensure that PCs are covered with a warranty or a guarantee. Readymade PCs also have problems of their own. You cannot add components or customize the PC to your requirements. This restricts the use of the PC. Some companies also buy their components in bulk and you may have to use the repair services of that company only to find the right spare parts. Cost is also an important factor. Most branded computers cost anywhere from 100 to about 700 and above. That means you get a lot of choice in the form of PCs, laptops, phablets, tablets etc which provide almost the same computing power as a PC. Buying a readymade PC makes very good sense in these cases.

The bottom line

The actual choice is yours. If you have the time and technical skills, you can think about assembling your PC yourself. However, it's a far better idea to assemble your own PC if you have special gaming or computing needs.