In a world where supreme quality has taken a virtual backseat to the overwhelming demand of the frugal minded, the term luxury umbrella has become an oxymoron. But nearly every major fashion designer in the known world sells handmade umbrellas to accompany their high end clothing. Sleeting rain could never darken a gentleman's day the way inappropriate accessories can. Sometimes the clothes do make the man. There's no denying the confidence that donning a well-tailored suit can bestow upon a man. How inappropriate would it be for a gentleman draped in the finest garments money can buy to shield his head with an umbrella from a drug store? It would be an abysmal eyesore, like a little, conspicuous, donut tire on a stretch limousine. It would almost be better not to have the high-end, luxury vehicle.

Accessories usually make the outfit so for a gentleman eloquently draped from head to toe in the finest linens in the world, having the right umbrella is as important as having the right color tie. From Gucci to Armani, handmade, Italian umbrellas are the ultimate status symbol. The reasonable 300 price tag is a small sacrifice for anyone who values a look of complete luxury. Besides, these hand crafted parasols are constructed of the highest quality and will last their owners for a lifetime. A few hundred dollars US seems a small price for the last Umbrella you will ever have to buy. And who could put a price on the confidence you'll feel knowing that your luxury suit is perfectly complemented by the appropriate accessories.

But the finest Italian designers don't actually hand craft umbrellas. Instead, they typically turn to Francesco Maglia who seems to have cornered the dwindling market. They have only two major competitors, both of whom regularly purchase parts from their company so they are by far, the leading authority on hand crafting luxury umbrellas. The original Francesco began using dying art at the tender age of fourteen. In the mid-1800s, they made their beautiful masterpieces from pure silk. These days they use a cotton, silk, wool blend which is then coated in Teflon. The handle may be crafted from a wide array of exotic materials such as sugar cane and bamboo. Though they may not be as popular as they once were, luxury umbrellas remain and at least solve the conundrum of what to get the man who has everything.

For the man with less than everything, there are literally hundreds of other companies that hand craft umbrellas for those with a more modest budget. Good orient is probably the first place you'll want to visit out if you're looking for a unique, hand-made umbrella with a substantially smaller price tag. This cute, little site provides a plethora of absolutely beautiful, hand crafted umbrellas ranging from about ninety dollars to as low as ten dollars. Their lower priced products seem to be more art than umbrella and may not provide adequate protection in heavy rainfall. Their link is goodorient.comSilk_Umbrellas_C347.