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It is always a welcome idea for one to always organize the desktop by keeping it uncluttered and tidy every time. There are several ways of achieving this. It is best to delete the unused shortcuts on the desktop and create new folders to file all the scattered items and the handmade mens shoes. It is easy with windows operating system to clean the desktop of unwanted items.

Cleaning the desktop of your Laptop

On the desktop of the operating system the user should right click on the desktop and select choose properties, and also choose the desktop. After which customize the desktop should also be selected, an option to clean the desktop is one of the several options that would appear. This is the time to select those unwanted items in the desktop and remove them.

Different Ways of Organizing the Desktop

There are other ways of organizing the desktop to remove all the unwanted items in it. Some of the things on the desktop could be saved to the documents or the other parts of the operating system. The idea is to save it to any location within the computer where it would be easily remembered. Many people preferred to create files on My Documents and saving some of the things on the desktop there. It is a good idea not to over populate the desktop it is only those very important items that should be left on the desktop. Only a few files should be allowed on the desktop while all the items that were cluttering the desktop should be saved in these files. It is always easy to retrieve all those items from the folders they are saved. Anything that would make the desktop look messy and unorganized should always be avoided.

Saving items according to Categories

Saving items should be according to categories. The idea is to remember the items when it is needed again. The folders should be described in a way it would be easily remembered. There is nothing as annoying as one finding it difficult to locate items on the laptop. The related items should be in the same category and it should be saved with a name that reflects that category. This is the best way of knowing where different items are in the documents of the computer.

Saving items where they would be retrieved

If the number of items is large such that it could be difficult to locate or remember them, it could be saved in a sub category within the same category. The items should be continued to be broken down to a level where the computer user would always remember where all the items on the computer are saved instead of cluttering the desktop with the items.


The way the desktop is organized speaks a lot about the user of the operating system. Apart from making the desktop look untidy and cluttered, it would be difficult to remember some of the items as everything would look confusing to the eyes. Another person seeing the way the computer desktop is kept will form a negative opinion about the user about his creative and organizational ability. The computer should be organized just the way our homes and offices are organized. Everything should be kept to the categories and subcategories where they belong.